1-Through this text the Religious Community Vaidika Pratisthana Sangha. Hindu Community of the Vedic Dharma of Spain wants to establish certainty over how the facts have developed after the aggressive and excessive defamation campaign against our Religious Community…..[+]

In the city of Granada on twenty-second day of February, two thousand and thirteen.
Given the circumstances, and,
FIRST.- That these preliminary investigations are conducted on the grounds of the suspected offense of criminal association and crime against moral integrity, by virtue of the written report filed on 5/1/2011 by the Office of the State Counsel against Antonio Javier Plazas Ruiz, in his capacity as president of the "Vaidika Pratisthana Sangha, Comunidad Hinduista de la Dharma Vedica de España".....[+]

The public prosecutor having made transfer assigned thereto of the preliminary investigation Nº 236-11 of the Examining Magistrate´s Court Nº 7 of Granada

That requests the Provisional Dismissal as the deeds which prompted the start up of proceedings have not been duly proved, in compliance with art. 641.1 of the Law Criminal Proceedings...[+]